Junior Club Night Newsletter – 16th May

Hello everyone,

Welcome to your new style junior club night newsletter!

My name is Margaret Thornton, but everyone knows me as Mags Thornton, and I have recently taken on the role of Junior Chairman, so this newsletter will be coming from me instead of the previous Junior Chairman, Trisha Jubert.  Well done Trisha for taking on the role of Club Chairman!

I’ve been along to Friday club night a couple of times now and have introduced myself to a few parents.  I hope to meet most or all of you in due course and if I haven’t said hello then do please come and find me and say hi.  I’m also hoping to bring along my own three children who are slightly reluctant but reasonably skilled tennis players.  Or maybe that’s just wishful thinking!

I don’t intend to radically change the format of the Friday club night but there are things that can be improved, like having better-defined times for various age groups to play (tennis) and occasionally having food on offer for the children and adults.  A BBQ is available for us to use so during the summer we could have burgers and sausages available for a nominal charge.  Do please let me know if you have any other ideas for the Friday evening tennis and squash session that you think would improve things.  Get your ideas to me while I’m still new to this role – I’m all ears!

I will also be increasing the frequency of newsletters to once a week so that everyone is updated on junior events and news through the term.  They won’t be long or boring (hopefully!) as I have three children (see above!) and I also work, so time is usually at a premium.

Finally, a shout out for happy helpers!!

Do let me know if you would be interested in helping out at all on a Friday or with the juniors in general.  From getting involved in the tennis and squash (adults are very welcome on tennis court!) or helping with the BBQs or any other events (craft sessions for the little ones? Christmas party?  Well maybe not just yet!).  Or volunteer your partner/husband.  I already have!  Drop me a line or catch up with me on a Friday and let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.  The weather is looking good so there’s no excuse not to come down, especially now that SATs for both Y2 and Y6 are over – yippee!

Mags Thornton
Club Junior Chairman