Club Night Newsletter – 16th May

Hi Everyone

Kyle Edmund up to number 19 in the world…  Konta wins 1st round in Rome.

Club News

Mixed 1sts beat Leatherhead on Monday.  Well played Luke, Laura, Carmen & Greg

Men’s 1sts beat Downswood on Tuesday.  Well played Luke, Alex, Duncan & Bedders.

Social tournament coming up on Bank holiday weekend so get your names up in the club house

Club Tournament in full flow…  Make sure you get your matches played and don’t forget to put your results up in the club house and if you can, please text or email me with scores so I can log online.  People like to see the scores!  Also, don’t forget to contact your next opponents as they may not be clairvoyant!

Courts have all been dragged.  You will notice a lot of sand builds up at the back of the courts so please remember to drag all the way to the borders.

Don’t forget to sit on the mini seats at change of ends.  You can take it in turns.  They are nicely padded.  A welcome rest for all the running around you’ve done!

Take a look around the club..  We have amazing facilities and very lucky that the grounds are decorated with nice plants and flowers and the grass and hedges are always well looked after.  There are not many clubs that you go to with such nice surroundings so take pride in our club…  Litter in the bins, plastic cups in the bin, ball tins in the bins.  A lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes with our volunteers…  Feel free to offer your appreciation with an email or a positive comment to Janet and she can pass on.

Coaching Tip of the Week

Remember to keep your eyes totally focussed on the ball coming onto your strings.  You’d be amazed if a camera was on you how often your head would look up just before contact causing you to mistime your shot.

Remember to play through the shot… forwards and vertical with a nice high follow through.  You’d be amazed at how horizontal your racket goes after contact.  Tough to be so accurate or create enough racket head speed for more power.

Remember to start getting your racket back as soon as your opponent hits the ball.  You’d be amazed at how many shots you hit late or mistime from late preparation.

And finally…  Set yourself 3 things in your game you’d like to improve.  Feel free to chat about technique and tactics…  You’d be amazed at how much your game will improve from a chat. Us coaches just love to talk tennis.

Top 5 Eurovision Songs of the Week – My top 5!

Brotherhood of Man (save all your kisses for me) Great outfits & dance moves!

Sandi Shaw (puppet on a string) Cool lady!

Bucks Fizz (making your mind up) We still watch thinking that there wont be anything on when they pull the skirts off!

ABBA (Waterloo) An unbelievable song and what a story

Cliff Richard (congratulations) As above!

Club night in full swing and approaching best evenings of the year…  Come on down for some social tennis…  Enjoy the summer evenings and a nice refreshing beverage from the bar… 6.30pm onwards but just come down whenever!

Tennis Thought of the Week

Cocktail of the Week 

Aperol Spritz (The drink of Champions and apparently no hangover!)


Brian Love

Head Coach
Dorking Lawn Tennis & Squash Club

07712 557076